Career Counselling

Career counselling services will be provided to students throughout the course of their academic life. The counselling sessions will be provided to students by appointment only. During these sessions, the student will meet with a trained career counsellor that will assist the student in their career development. The counselling sessions are a supplement to online and offline career development tools that are available within the career center and its website. Students are encouraged to explore all these resources while meeting with a career counsellor.

1. Meeting with a career counsellor

Preliminary meeting: Prior to meeting with a trained career counsellor, students must first meet with a preliminary career advisor to ensure that the student has completed some basic elements related to their career development. This includes: a draft of their CV and cover letter, results of their career assessment tool, and their 4 year career plan. These resources are available at the career center and also online under the Resources page. The preliminary advisor will ensure that all the above are completed and ready for review for the secondary meeting with the experienced career advisor.

Secondary meeting: During this meeting, the career counsellors will provide specialized one-to-one advisory services to the student. The career counsellor will use the student’s career assessment results as a tool to help the student development their personalized career track. During the meeting, specific goals and follow-up activities will be determined by the counsellor that will enable the student to meet his/her career goals.

2. Peer-to-Peer Counselling

The career center will organize peer-to-peer counselling sessions where students that are on similar career tracks will have the opportunity to meet and network in an informal setting in order to share experiences and best practices. If you are interested in being part of the peer-to-peer counselling session please send an email to: