Frequently Asked Questions

Jobseekers are advised to create a personal account withDereja.com before applying. Registering with us allows you:

  • to keep track of applications;
  • create job alerts
  • receive private messages from potential employers;
  • save jobs to apply for at a later time, etc

To apply for a vacancy that you have seen:

  • Login to your personal account by entering the email address and password associated with your account
  • Click the “Apply Now” button on the description page for the job you are interested in
  • When a pop-up window appears, paste or type in your cover letter for the job you’re applying for.
  • Next, select the desired CV from the drop-down list or attach a separate CV file. (If you have not created a CV, the drop-down list will not appear and you will have to attach an external CV file).
  • When finished, click the “Apply” button and wait for a confirmation message indicating the successful submission of your application.